We re-engineered every single aspect of a classic sneaker to improve it. The result was the Original 172.*

Making the best sneaker we can is a creative process - from the first sketch two years ago to the handcrafted production of each pair today. With every prototype and each turn of leather, we've put your comfort first.

*The number "172" originates from the first Great Western Railway carriage to be upgraded for First Class travel. Isambard Kingdom Brunel - a key protagonist in the British Industrial Revolution - challenged every aspect of the railway's system to make it more comfortable, safer and more efficient - design goals that still run in our family.


The Original 172 is a classic, re-engineered. We craft the Original 172 from the finest Mastrotto Italian leather, inside and out. We choose to do this to ensure your comfort and to deliver a sneaker that looks as great as it performs.

One of the key design decisions we’ve made is how we brand your Sevens. Maintaining a confident simplicity, the Original 172 adopts an understated approach, with subtle stitched details and blind-debossed logos. Each pair ships with gold-tipped fat laces and colour-matching thin round laces to give you flexibility and your sneakers a fresh personality.

“Planned to give my Sevens a rest today but got half way down the stairs and changed my mind. Couldn't do it. Best sneakers I've ever had!”

Colin. Hertfordshire, UK.


All sneakers are comfortable, right? Wrong. What you want is all-day long comfort in style. What you get is aches and pains from thin, compacted footbeds, tarsal stress and blisters from poor construction, cheap materials and wear and tear. The Original 172 is different.

To remove the pressure lesser sneakers put on your tarsel bridge (the bit on top of your foot), we developed our unique Comfort Bridge System. Made of neoprene, it crosses the area where your laces sit, creating a fit like a glove and outstanding comfort performance. It also adds a flash of colour, in tonals and Signature Red. We’ve also added neoprene to the back of the heel.

Put them on. Wear them all day.
Forget they're there.

“These are the shoes some of you have been asking me about. I love these sneakers! They are super comfortable. Not sure which colour to get next!”

Fiona. London, UK.


While our designers and craftsmen stepped from prototype to prototype to bring the Comfort Bridge System to life, we turned our attention to our next challenge. Could we make the best cushion between your feet and the ground you walk on? We researched anatomical footbeds and advanced materials for cushioning. Then we engineered the Comfort Forever footbed.

Let's break it down:

  • Calf leather lining gives you a beautiful touch of luxury
  • PORON Performance Cushioning, memory material rebounds and won’t degrade, expertly shaped to give you heel and arch support.
  • A Santized EVA layer for odour protection
  • A Texon flexible in-sole for long distance comfort
  • A Bartoli base-layer insulates your foot from ground temperatures
  • Felt gives you one more layer of protection and comfort

Comfort Forever.

We love buying new sneakers. Wear them a few weeks though and the comfort seems to disappear. Why?

One reason is that a cheap footbed has been used and with wear, it’s been compacted. To counter this happening, we have used PORON, a revolutionary material that doesn’t compact over time. We’ve tested Sevens rigorously and they don’t lose their cushioning. We are confident they will perform better than normal sneaker footbeds. Not just on day one - everyday, forever. So we guarantee them. Forever.

Embed the Comfort Forever footbed into the iconic Margom sole unit and you have seven brilliant layers between you and the path you take.

Take a different path.

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