We are growing the team so that we can achieve more, better, as SEVEN FEET APART. 

The first role immediately available is a Graphic Designer. We haven't specified seniority (Junior, Senior etc.) or years of experience you might have. The right person will be brilliantly talented and hungry to build out our brand across lots of media, platforms and markets. 

If you are interested and apply for the role, good luck. We hope to meet you very soon. 





Our footwear e-commerce company is a year old and now set to grow by every measure. We sell directly to the consumer. In that year, we have learnt that there are lots of design tasks, from concept to production. There is still a lot of opportunities to develop the brand. We need a very talented person to join us and create work across multiple touch points and channels, both digital and physical.



You will be part of a small team, facing all the exciting challenges of a new brand. While we all have our roles to play, we also have to roll our sleeves up and jump in – to whatever task needs to be done. This makes for a vibrant, varied experience and a makes a direct contribution to the wellbeing and performance of the company.


You will:

- Be creative. You will have ideas about everything and anything and including the naming of products, product design, marketing planning, how to differentiate our brand, sustainability, customer involvement, culture and the studio…

- Create graphic assets for campaigns across physical and digital properties. We define a campaign as positioning and creating awareness and demand for new product categories or subcategories e.g. sneakers (a category), 172 (a sneaker subcategory).

- The assets will include post collateral, print, packaging and POS

- Create assets for response promotions, for example, emails

- Create brand communication assets e.g. brand film, animations, infographics

- Improve and then maintain the visual identity across all touch points – in terms of illustration, typography, colour palettes, layouts etc.

- Maintain clear asset management procedures e.g. naming conventions and backups.



- You will be full of enthusiasm for great design, branding, communications and products. Most obviously, you will be ‘into’ people, culture, fashion and footwear. People and the shoes they wear are at the heart of everything we do.

- You will be very self-motivated and organised. Often, you’ll have to initiate your own work, manage your own time and determine the value it creates.

- You will be someone who thrives on pushing yourself – and our brand – to try new things, to learn new things, to experiment and have a go.

- You will understand the potential, process and production of both digital and physical design.

- You will have skills in illustration, graphics, typography, motion and sound. Well, ideally.

- You will be able to prove them.



We work on Macs. If you make a realistic business case, you can have whatever equipment you need.






- Some free shoes now and then.

- 40% Staff saving code.

- Flexible working. Just don’t take the piss.

- Enough holiday, not less than 20 days.

- Then add bank holidays. If you look like you need more, we will tell you!

- We are a business that believes it’s important to hang out with family and friends so we will probably shut at Christmas too. Oh and you can have your birthday off on us.

- For every year you’re here, we will add another day.

- A pension contribution of 2% of gross salary

- A £100/month subscriptions budget

- A £500/annum book/poster/executive toys budget

- A £1500 training budget

- A bonus – if we achieve net profit targets in 2018/19 you will be rewarded with £1300. This 5% would increase in line with salary.

- Salaries are reviewed annually in April

- The opportunity to take an interest-free travel loan



- A letter or any other form of expressing your interest, with a portfolio and CV. We draw the line at chaining yourself up outside our studio (yes, it really has happened).

Send this to

- With that application, add the answer to the question, “Why you?”

- Come in for an informal chat, here in St Albans. Oh yeah, we are based in St Albans, 25 mins from London. You have to be here a minimum of three days a week, including every Tuesday (Team Day).

- Undertaking a creative challenge. We have to be sure.

- Final interview



- We are curious people and often ask lots of questions. It's not about trust, its because we are fascinated. You should ask questions too.

- We like people to challenge and accept being challenged. Just because we do something one way, doesn’t mean its right or cannot be changed. See the drive for better and better as a quest we are on, together.

- Our customer is King or Queen. It’s our job to delight them, to ensure that the SEVEN FEET APART experience is brilliant. Do what you think is right and treat them as you want to be treated yourself.

- Do new things, Try new things. Learn from both.

- Seek efficiency in what we do. How can we do more for less and share the benefits with the people we care about?

- Be open. Sometimes things aren’t perfect. Things go wrong. If there is an issue you feel needs to be addressed, don’t harbour your feelings about it. Let’s talk about it - over a coffee or a run.

- Have fun and ensure other people on the team have fun.