We are Seven Feet Apart, a team of shoemakers on a quest to create different, better footwear and a more efficient, kinder business.

With a lineage tracing back to the Industrial Revolution, we pair prime Italian leather with forward–thinking British engineering, to create a product founded on comfort and built to last.

Similarly, our approach aims to create lasting change. We believe high value can come at a fair price, and each pair of our shoes leaves a meaningful footprint in the community.

We call it Civil Engineering.

Much More, For Much Less.

The conventional path of retail frustrates us. The narrowing gap between fast fashion and premium brands offers you little by way of comfort, quality and value for money. There is a tension between what things cost and who pays for them - all the way from the manufacturer to you, the customer. Everyone wants the best deal and something has to give, somewhere along the line.

Unless we shorten it.

By disrupting traditions with our ‘Maker Retailer’ model, we can sell directly to you with a traceable process from block to box. We avoid the pitfalls of second guessing fashion, making sales samples, adding wholesale and retail margins and shipping at the wrong time of year. Seasonal retail cycles are out of sync with customers, with stock arriving earlier and earlier in to stores. This results in more voucher codes and sales, which is unfair to you the customer, who may have paid full price.

We take all the savings we make and share them with you from day one, crafting shoes to premium standards with a price tag of HALF their retail value. You get style, comfort and innovation, all delivered with complete efficiency at no extra cost. Now, do you agree this is fairer?


Every detail is considered, hand selected and crafted to create a product that you will fall in love with.

The silhouettes we create are classic and desirable season to season. Every pair is a culmination of skilled people who care about quality, and the finest materials. Made by hand in Portugal. Italian calf leather inside and out. Gold tipped waxed lacing. Avoiding overt branding, the subtle emboss and detailed hand stitch will allow our shoes to seamlessly enter your wardrobe.

The seven layers of brilliant comfort are everything - slip into your Sevens, feel them cosset your feet and stride ahead.


Sevens are beautiful. They are also engineered with innovations that make a real difference to you. This is our design mantra; deliver both style and comfort performance.

When you walk, you put pressure on your foot. This pressure can turn into fatigue – or even pain – unless it is considered in the design of the shoe. In fact, cheap materials, bad fit or poor design, can exacerbate pain. To overcome these challenges, we have engineered specific comfort systems into our shoes.

First, let us introduce you to our unique neoprene Comfort Bridge System, designed to embrace the foot. It provides all-day support across the tarsal bridge and around the heel.

Brilliance is often a hidden quality and this is true of our Comfort Forever footbed. It features seven different layers, each one delivering comfort from day one and every day after. If you believe the footbed is wearing out, we replace it, for free, for life.

You expect comfort in a sneaker. However, our research shows that the reality is, premium sneakers aren’t usually comfortable. Walk in Sevens and you’ll appreciate the difference. To adopt these systems into The Pioneer brogues and women's Chelsea boot? Ground-breaking indeed!


There are lots of reasons people go into business. For Seven Feet Apart, we want to create a brand that questions how things are made, and then, wherever possible, make them better.

Let’s start with you. We did. You will love the quality and comfort of your Sevens and we want them to be something you can afford. A touch of luxury at a price that is fair. Fairness for us is about transparency and balance all along the line from maker to you, the customer.

The Original 172 costs the same to manufacture as a £250 shoe. Because we don't sell it on to retailers, who then mark it up and sell it to you, we can pass on the saving and give you the same product for £125.

  • Seven Feet Apart

    Cost of Retail
    Cost to Manufacture
  • Cost of Retail
    Cost of Wholesale
    Cost to Manufacture

However you look at it, you get twice the quality of product for half its retail price.

Fair enough, but we want to be even kinder.


Seven Feet Apart have created the This Mile Foundation so our brand grows in a way that is fair, affordable and kind.

Each employee picks a project within a mile of his or her home. Seven Feet Apart gives up to seven percent of net profit and seven percent of time—eighteen days per year— to support that project. Together, we create opportunities in our local communities, encouraging, nurturing and supporting people who want to take a different path in life.

Our inaugural project is supporting The Fighting Chance and Islington Boxing Club, London. Working together, we help people to get back to and into work after life has given them a knock or two. We provide time, mentorship, kit and jobs.

In the summer of 2017, we will invite more people - including you - to get involved in a THIS MILE project and choose to be SEVEN FEET APART.

Now that’s better.