When we met, we asked ourselves the question,"Could we build a better company, that delivers a higher quality footwear experience for the modern traveller while being affordable, fair and kind? "

Here’s the short version of our journey so far. 

In 2017, we started making the best shoes we could and sold them, online. We priced them without the typical retailer mark up because this seemed fair. Then - and now - we endeavour to serve you as we would want brands to serve us. We are generous with our resources; our shoes, time and profit.

What we are we trying to achieve? Beautiful shoes, a helpful customer experience and a brilliant business. Why? Because, together, things can be better. 


We believe that we should all consume less and buy the best quality products we can afford when we do. 

We design and produce footwear from premium materials to exacting standards. Our products are engineered to last in wear so that we don't contribute to the unsustainable forces of fast or disposable fashion. 

COMFORT FOREVER™ is the clearest manifestation of our commitment to longer lasting product design. We are so confident that the material we use in our unique footbed - PORON - performs so well and for so long, we guarantee it. Forever. 

It's the first small step and more will quickly follow. 


We design our shoes in our St Albans HQ and studio in collaboration with our Principle Designer, Antoine Delapierre. We then produce them with carefully selected partners based in the Felgueiras region of Portugal. 

The quality of our workshops' work is equal to the best in the world. Our partners are family-run businesses, who care for their staff and the environments they operate in. They are typically at the heart of the local community where they are based and understand the concepts of sustainability in a very immediate way. We are afforded any and every opportunity to visit the skilled people who make our shoes, day to day.

What we love most is that our partnerships are genuinely mutual relationships. We all know what SEVEN FEET APART stands for and what we are trying to achieve. One purpose and many hands make light work. 


We are a team of nine people, with our little HQ and studio based in the beautiful cathedral city of St Albans, UK. 

We are Bethany, Jennie, Michelle, Jonathan, Antoine, Ian and Matt. We also sponsor a Digital Mum™, Emily. Hello. 

If you are ever in town, please come and say hi. We'll put the kettle on for a cuppa and you can see what we are up to for yourself. 

We frequently 'pop up' with mini shops where you're able to try on Sevens. we let you know where on our website and social pages on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll let you know where and when the Sevens will be appearing next. 


7% of our resources are dedicated to others through our charitable foundation, THIS MILE.

Each person in the SEVEN FEET APART team picks a project within one mile of their home to be involved in. These projects might need our support, mentoring, skills and direct participation so they can continue to help young people find a better path for the future.

Also, every pair of Sevens that has been worn on a 30-day trial and then returned is freely donated to ShoeAid, who freely give them to someone who will love them.