How to figure out your correct size?

We know that guessing your size can be difficult, especially as some Sevens don’t always fit true to size. So, we’ve created an easy fit guide to help you get it right first time.

  1. Stand on a piece of paper (in socks, if you intend to wear them with your Sevens) with the back of your heels against a wall.
  2. Draw a line at the tip of your big toe with a pencil. (see image below)
  3. With a ruler, take the measurement (round up to the nearest millimetre) of the length of your foot, as marked on the paper.
  4. Now that you know the length of your foot. You’ll then need to add between 7-10mm to ensure a comfortable fit.

As you wear your sevens you will find they give across the top, slightly increasing the width. The length will not change, so always ensure your toes are comfortable.

Below, you will find the lengths of the footbeds inside of our shoes, by size. Match your desired length to the best fitting size for you. 

How to measure your foot

Men’s sizing

Length of footbed UK EU USA
266mm 6 40 7
273mm 7 41 8
279mm 8 42 9
285mm 9 43 10
291mm 10 44 11
298mm 11 45 12
305mm 12 46 13

Our recommendations

The Original 172

If you are usually a half size - e.g 4.5, 5.5, we recommend ordering a size down, unless you have wider feet or a particularly high bridge. 

The Pioneer 396 Brogue

This is a narrow fitting shoe, so we recommend that you order a size up. 

Shop with confidence

Remember, if you need to exchange your shoes, you are easily able to do so. Find out more about our returns/exchange process here

Please note

Our website displays UK sizes in the UK. Our systems run on European sizing. This means that after you order, the record of your order will show in European sizes.

We manufacture and source our materials in Europe. Sizing to other systems is comparative.